World of Sorbes

World of Sorbes

Sorbes turns “wood waste” into value-added boards which are highly versatile as design elements and consistent in quality. The Sorbes Group as a whole combines an ability to respond rapidly to regional market developments with far-sighted strategic thinking. The value of investments is measured not only in financial terms, but also in satisfied customers, motivated employees and optimal environmental protection.


Sorbes seizes market opportunities as they arise

Professionally produced, wood-derived materials have long been more than just a cheap alternative to solid wood. The processing of wood chips and wood fibres is becoming more and more sophisticated. And modern surfacings open up a rich diversity of decorative possibilities which make boards a design element in their own right.

Sorbes has been active as a Group of companies since 2003. It began with a double advantage: in Estonia (which has a strong position in relation to Scandinavia) and the Ukraine (which is highly promising as a springboard to the CIS countries), Sorbes was able to build on the best locally based manufacturers.


Sorbes takes action on customer wishes in a flash

Production quadrupled in the first three years of operations, reaching one million cubic metres in 2006. The offering is maintained and developed with the same dynamism.
Every product line from Sorbes is the design leader in its segment. Sorbes has its finger on the pulse of the markets and anticipates trends when they are still a twinkle in the public's eye. It also responds to development ideas from trendsetting furniture manufacturers and wholesalers.


Sorbes stands firmly by its business commitments

Sorbes tackles everything it does with a clear commitment. A price is a price. A deadline is a deadline. A promise is a promise. Sorbes believes there is only one kind of success that counts in the long run. And that is shared success.


Sorbes creates the basis for healthy growth

Only a profitable business will still be around doing business tomorrow. And only a business that is in it for the long term makes any sense. As an international Group, Sorbes is able to support the individual national subsidiaries in negotiations, providing access to the latest technologies and implementation of the latest management practices.

Another crucial factor is having sufficient financial reach to invest in the optimization of production processes and the development of new markets – both areas in which mutual trust and reliability are vital. Several new markets have been conquered by partnerships in which everybody concerned is a winner.


Sorbes gives all concerned the best chance of success

Sorbes is firmly convinced that value creation is at its most effective when all employees are doing what they are qualified to do best. The entire value chain – from raw materials, via multi-stage production, to distribution and marketing – is becoming more demanding all the time.
Sorbes counts itself fortunate to have all its people engaged in a constant learning process and a thoughtful exchange of experiences with their counterparts.


Sorbes promotes effective environmental protection

The recovery and profitable utilization of sawmill residue is an ideal combination of economy and ecology. But as in every production process, the quest for minimal emissions and optimal energy balance is never at an end.
Sorbes works to state-of-the-art standards. But every criterion must be concrete and verifiable. Phrases and slogans serve no useful purpose. There is no value in achieving “zero impact” in one place in exchange for overload elsewhere.
Sorbes always looks at the bigger picture, also in regard to environmental integrity.


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