MFC Anti-Slip

Costs are the only thing that's slipping

Repo by Sorbes Anti-Slip MFC boards cost less than additional rubber mats or rubber-laminated boards. They are coated on one side with anti-slip facing; the other side is regular MFC.

Ideal for movable and mobile furniture parts.

Wherever drawers, shelves and other storage areas need a non-slip surface:

  •     In private households and all other residential uses
  •     In bars, hotels and restaurants
  •     In private and commercial offices and workshops, where storage is required
  •     In caravaning
  •     For mobile exhibition vehicles and stand elements.

All Repo by Sorbes characteristics are built in:

  •     Environmentally friendly
  •     Quality and packaging of the boards meet customer requirements
  •     Availability of various cut-sizes reduces waste material for our customers
  •     Durability and superior strength.

  Download Technical Data Sheet PDF

True to the Estonian spirit of innovation - the first Anti-Slip MFC from the Baltics.

Repo by Sorbes