The mother of all boards

As “the mother of all boards”, raw chipboard defines the basic qualities found in all Repo by Sorbes boards:

  •     high quality
  •     E1 and E0.5 (Carb II) emission class
  •     extreme bending strength
  •     excellent screw holding capability
  •     no recycled wood → best machinability and durability of cutting equipment.

The use of round wood guarantees optimum size of chips and consistent physical-mechanical properties. The main sources are softwoods (spruce, pine) and hardwoods from managed forests that operate on the FSC system.

Thickness range: 8 (on special request), 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 mm
Board size: 1830 x 2750 mm or 1830 mm x 5500 mm, where 5500 mm can be slit into 2 pieces with one cut.
Board types: P2 (boards for interior fitments, dry), P3 (moisture resistant boards), P4 (load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions).

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The spirits of the Estonian forests live on in the high quality of Repo by Sorbes chipboards.

Repo by Sorbes