Swisspan Postforming

Swisspan Postforming

Swisspan by Sorbes Surface Texture Postforming PE Lemon Rind
PE Lemon Rind
Plastic: CPL or HPL
Swisspan by Repo Postforming Kraft Paper
Kraft paper


Mechanical and physical properties of Postforming (TU 36.1-31382911-002-2002)

Test designation Unit Values
Size mm 2750 x 600
Thickness mm 28, 36
Base material   chipboard
Plastic type   CPL or HPL

Tolerances on nominal dimensions
Thickness mm ± 0.3
Length mm ± 5.0
Width mm/m ± 0.2
Resistance to pollution with substances of household purpose   it's not allowed to change
surface appearance
Hydrothermic surface resistance   without cracks, blisters,
exfoliation, loss of polish
Thermal resistance at +180°C   without change of surface, colour,
as the exception – little loss of polish
Specific resitance for normal tearing off minimum value N/mm2 not less than 0.55

* depending on thickness


Standard packaging Postforming

Size mm 28 36
Quantity in pallet psc 20 16

Swisspan by Repo Postforming Packaging Image

Packaging can be modified, depending on the method of loading.