Sorbes Ukraine

Sorbes Ukraine


Quick guide to general information about Ukraine

  Sorbes Ukraine is a vital part of the World of Sorbes
  Sorbes Ukraine is the provider of Swisspan by Sorbes
  Sorbes Ukraine is home to an important part of the workforce of Sorbes People
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Made in Ukraine – for Ukraine!

The physical-mechanical properties of Swisspan by Sorbes boards are geared to the needs of Ukrainian customers. They have optimal density (680–690 kg/m3) and a quality which makes them easy to treat. Furniture made of Swisspan by Sorbes can stand multiple assembly and dismantling.


Kyiv – the hub and city office

With a population of around three million, Kyiv is one of Europe’s ten biggest cities. Around 100 museums, 33 theatres and 140 libraries bear witness to its great cultural tradition. Kyiv’s parks and boulevards make it one of the world’s greenest cities.
As a political and administrative centre, Kyiv houses not only government institutions, but also the office of Sorbes Ukraine, with its key business line: Swisspan by Sorbes.


Kostopil – production centre

Kostopil is in the middle of a region that is fertile and rich in natural resources. Among other things, it is renowned for its basalt deposits. The densely wooded countryside surrounding the city already has a 60-year tradition of industrial wood processing behind it, with a powerful new impetus since the arrival of Sorbes.


Nadvirna – production centre

Nadvirna lies in a hilly region, one of Ukraine’s favourite holiday areas and beloved of winter sports enthusiasts.
The crowning glories of the “man-made” aspects of the region’s landscape are masterpieces of wooden architecture, both secular and sacred. At the same time, there is sufficient space for continuous commercial forestry and sustainable wood processing.


Happy to meet E1 requirements

Swisspan by Sorbes boards meet the requirements of emission class E1. The achievement of this index means ecologically pure products and gives the possibility for their use in any segment of the furniture market, whether it is furniture for kids’ rooms, educational or medical institutions. Besides, products with E1 are allowed to be used in all EU countries without restrictions. At the time of total industrialization and influence increase of man – caused factors on peoples’ organism, ecologically pure products are becoming more and more valuable.


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